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Students commence using basic Acrobatics skills such as forward rolls, bridge, and cartwheels. Following proper progression through the grades Pre-Primary to Grade 8 students move through a complex series of tricks, tumbles, balances, and increased flexibility. Acrobatics is designed to give today’s ‘dancer’ the edge.

Please note, this is not gymnastics. Acrobatics is designed to stay in line with the physique of a dancer and not gymnast.

Throughout Acro training the leg muscles remain long, the shoulders remain slender and concentration is emphasised on being up and out to an audience.

These are the opposite to gymnastics where short, stocky muscles are developed, gaining a broad V shaped upper back and shoulders and downwards concentration/focus. A minimum of 2 classes per week from age 6 upwards is recommended.

For Ages: 4 – 18 years

Victoria Thomas
Head of Acrobatics

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A parent would not consider leaving a child at a nursery school or playgroup without checking the credentials of the establishment, yet when it comes to choosing a dance class it is often priorities such as the cost of the class, the convenience of the time of the lessons, or whether a child's friend is attending that same class that determine choice.

WE are a professional Dance School. WE have declared our self to have:


CRB/DBS Enhanced Disclosures For All Staff


Fully First Aid Trained Staff


Comprehensive Insurance, Plus Other Standards of Sound Professional Practice


A Health & Safety Policy


A Code of Professional Conduct


Dance Teachers hold Professional Dance Teaching Qualifications (RAD / IDTA / ISTD)